The War State

If You Are Against War, Support Gun Rights, Care About Abortion One Way Or the Other,Like the ACLU Or Ron Paul Than You Are Considered An Enemy of The State - Mike Swanson (04/04/2103)


"Think of the resources – billions of dollars and massive human effort – wasted on abridging the free speech rights of America’s political dissidents. This is what happens when the government is given the power and a blank check to perform seemingly legitimate functions like protecting us from terrorists."

The Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan Have Become The Most Expensive in American History - Mike Swanson (03/31/2013)


Unless the budget deficit is closed a debt crisis will hit the country - and military spending will have to be cut to do this. If this doesn't happen the result will be a rise in interest rates and inflation that will lower the living standards of the average American. This is the cost of empire and the wars we have gotten to watch on television over the past ten years.