Stock Market News

September to be a Month of War and Mayhem- Mike Swanson (09/03/2103)

This is going to promise to be a disgusting month of war and mayhem. We already got President Obama this weekend saying that he does not need a Congressional authorization to start a war, but he is going to give us a gift of allowing Congress to debate it and vote on it first.

Be Thankful For The S&P 500 Pull Back- Mike Swanson (08/07/2013)

Yesterday the S&P 500 fell 9 points and the DOW fell over 90. Thank goodness for the pullback. What we did not want see is the S&P 500 explode higher for a climatic crazy one day reversal. You see we did not want to see the S&P 500 go up 30 points on some "good" news yesterday and then close in the red, because that would signal the start of a big correction.

Market Gaps Up As CNBC Cheers Big Alcoa Losses, New Home Buyers Panic,Congress Holds Up Obama's Syria Rebel Program - Mike Swanson (07/09/2013)

The stock market is gapping up a little today as CNBC reports that Alcoa has beaten its earnings estimates. It does just about every single quarter as analysts always underestimates its earnings. That helps provoke good news for the company and gets them some media attention too. In reality the company lost a lot of money.

Marc Faber: believing in Bernanke is like believing in Father Christmas - Mike Swanson (06/22/2013)

If you say that if he means what he says, then you believe in Father Christmas. He said if the economy does not meet the expectations of the fed in one years' time, they will consider additional measures. In other words, if the economy has not fully recovered by mid-2014, more QE will be forthcoming. As I said already three years ago, we are going to go with the Fed to QE99.

Markets Hit, Gold Hit, But Don't Believe the QE Story - Mike Swanson (06/20/2013)

Markets got hit after Bernanke talked and everything is getting sold this morning. Gold is below its recent lows. I still think it is likely to turn around and begin a bull market soon so I am watching it closely. I want to see what it does by the end of the day.

There is a lot of talk that the Fed is going to stop buying bonds and get tight. I don't believe any of this, because I don't think it can.

Fed Member James Bullard and CNBC Reporters Try To Reassure Nervous Investors - Mike Swanson (05/23/2013)

Well we just saw two days of shaky stock market action. All the market did though was pull back off of its highs, but that is enough to get some Fed members to get on TV and proclaim that the Fed will not be ending QE anytime soon.

Crazy Goldman Sachs Rogue Trader Was Doing 20% of S&P E-Mini Futures Volume - Mike Swanson (04/04/2103)

"A person familiar with Goldman's equities trading business said Taylor's trading position was significant - representing roughly 20 percent of e-mini trading volume the day it was established. The market moved against Taylor's position, leading to the loss, said the person, who declined to be named."

How Far Can the Market Drop? - Mike Swanson (02/05/2013)

As I wrote in this weekend's monthly newsletter I think the US stock market at this point has very limited upside and for the short-term the risks are too the downside. I don't want to go through all of the reasons now as I outlined them in the newsletter, but the upside potential for the US stock market right now is like 1550 on the S&P 500, which would be a gain of about 3.3% from here. It's hard for me to justify trying to "play" the market at this point to try to make such a little return.

Marc Faber Tells CNBC "Better Enjoy the Market Rally While You Can" - Mike Swanson (01/30/2013)

My view is a little different than Faber's - my guess is we get some sort of dip in February/March and then not much volatility in the US stock market after that. I don't think we are going to see some big crash this year or huge rally this summer once this move dies out. I think the market action will just fade out and we'll see rallies in commodities and world markets which diverge from the US. More on this in my next monthly newsletter.

Vimplecom (NYSE: VIP) Announces Beefy Dividend - Mike Swanson (12/18/12)

I bought VIP back in August and it has been one of my best performing stocks. The Russian telecom company has gone up 26% since I bought it. Today it announced that it is going to pay an eighty cents dividend to shareholders of record at the end of the month. That's like a seven percent dividend.

Pretty nice. It's the largest telecom company in Russia and Eastern Europe.

How I'm Playing the Fiscal Cliff - Mike Swanson (12/17/12)

I don't know what is going to happen with the "fiscal cliff." I don't know if Obama and the Republicans will come to a deal before the end of the year to prevent it from happening or not. If it does happen I don't think it will have a huge impact on the economy or the stock market - not in the big picture. However, it probably will cause some short-term selling. Really they don't seem to be to concerned about it.

Europe Roaring - Mike Swanson (12/12/12)

Today the Fed is going to release a new FOMC statement at 12:30 PM. People are anticipating that they will announce a new QE money printing operation on top of the one they announced a few months ago. They are hoping for a new money pump that will force the stock market to go even higher. You see the US stock market is now fully valued so this is what it takes to make it go up nowadays.

EU Makes a Move and Markets Move Up - Tim Bellamy (07/01/12)

The big news of the week caused a big upward movement in equity values. Despite economic announcements pointing toward a further slowdown at home and abroad, it was the announcement by EU leaders of an agreement to allow member countries to relax harsh austerity measures that flavored market moves.