Stock Trading Strategies

High Frequency Trading & Stock Market Crashes - Mike Swanson (04/8/2014)

The US stock market is extremely overvalued with a CAPE ratio over 25 and five years into a bull market. As a result I believe that if a "flash crash" event were to happen again that it WOULD NOT quickly come back like it did in 2010.

How To Find the Best Investments In These Markets Now - Mike Swanson (11/17/2013)

Everyone knows that the best time to buy a stock to hold it for an investment is after a bear market ends and stocks are cheap. If you get in right as a new bull market starts or just as it starts and hold you can make a killing - and do so easily.

Once Scared Stock Investors Are Now Bullish - Mike Swanson (11/04/2013)

We have come a long way from where we were just three weeks ago. In August and September CNBC scared their watchers by talking about "taper attacks." Economists on that network kept predicting that the Fed would cut back on its QE bond buying program at its September FOMC meeting.

Podcast - Ike Iossif On His Indicators And Timing The Next Real Top - Mike Swanson (09/22/2013)

Ike also creates a composite indicator out of six components to gauge the strength of the market. By using this indicator he has been able to accurately call market moves as he did in two other interviews I did with him.

Podcast - Dave Skarica On Using Darvas Box Theory For Entry Points - Mike Swanson (09/16/2013)

I just did this interview with Dave Skarica of about the technical trading strategy of "box theory" created by Nicholas Darvas in his book How I Made Two Million Dollars in the Stock Market.

The Three Things Investors Need To Think About To Succeed - Mike Swanson (08/30/2013)

Last night I did a fun interview with Olivier Tischendorf of in which we talked about the three things anyone new to trading and investing need to pay attention to in order to be successful.

Using the VIX To Identify The Next S&P 500 Bottom - Mike Swanson (08/28/2013)

To deal with the stock market we have to simply accept the reality that it is in a correction and understand that corrections almost always end in some panic selling - and growing fear among investors who sell on a bottom. So yesterday's drop actually gets us closer to the end of this US stock market correction.

How To Find The Best Sectors In The Stock Market - Mike Swanson (08/19/2013)

I got an email from someone asking me how I find the best sectors in the stock market. What I do is look to see which sectors hold up the best or even go up while the broad market pulls back. Once the market bottoms they tend to lead on the next rally. I use TC2000 to do this as I show in this video.

US Stock Market In A Summer Doldrums Phase - Mike Swanson (07/31/2013)

The US stock market has not gone anywhere the past week. It's overbought and could have a pullback at any moment, but I'm not bearish on it for a couple of reasons. First markets all over the world look like they are in a position now to breakout in the next few weeks and go higher, especially markets in Europe. They are consolidating and in a position to breakout and have a big run. Ireland has already broken out and is just floating on up.



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