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What Casinos Can Teach Us About Stock Market Trading

I got a harrowing - but must watch - video for you about gambling addicts and there is a lot to learn from it.

And it applies to the financial markets.

When you put in a trade in the financial markets the odds are on the other side of the order is a market maker, trading robot, professional, or a gambling addict.

No one wants to talk about the gambling addicts that are in the financial markets, but it's reality and it's important to understand.

Watch this video to see the mind of an addict at work:

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Stock Market Crash Update - Find Out Why the Stock Market Is Falling

  • The stock market has begun a serious bear market. You need to find out why.

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Types of Bureaucracy

The word “Bureaucracy” stems from the combination of a French word “Bureau” and a Greek word “Kratos”. In its very basic form, the definition of bureaucracy states that it is a collection or group of officials who engage in administrative and/or policy making duties. The presence of bureaucracy and bureaucrats is largely imperative in modern society where smooth running of an organization, a government or any department for that matter depends on the efficiency of this system.

Power Elite Theory

“The Power Elite” is a term both coined and defined by American sociologist C. Wright Mills. Mills first proposed the term in his 1956 book of the same name. It's one of the most important theories to use in order to understand American society today and is much more meaningful than simply talking about "the one percent".

Understanding the Military Industrial Complex

The military industrial complex has become our national albatross. The Soviet Union went bankrupt in part due to out of control defense spending and the United States is now headed that way too. The United States now accounts for over 46% of total worlds arms spending and spends almost five times more on defense than China, who is second on global weapons spending. The Cold War is over and the United States faces no threats from enemy nations to justify this amount of spending.