"A Disaster Waiting to Happen" - Mike Swanson (01/13/2014)

Last week on Bloomberg an "analyst" from the American Enterprise Institute declared that the United States federal government will generate a budget surplus in 2017. He claims that this will happen because a Republican will get in the White House and generate a massive economic boom.

He also said it will happen because of oil fracking, which is something these people talk as if it is a miracle.

On CNBC last week I saw a guest refer to these predictions as a reason to expect the stock market to continue to go straight up.

This is all insanity.

Here is a CNBC clip from Friday with a talking head saying ignore weak economic data, because we are in an economic boom.

For the CNBC "expert" all bad news is to be ignored, because we are in a supposed economic boom and that means bad news is not real.

But where is the boom? I don't see it where I live.

They say this though on CNBC, because they simply want to find a reason to believe the stock market will keep going up.

So whenever there is bad economic data they totally dismiss it, because it doesn't fit in with what they want to believe.

The reality is the stock market is going up because the Fed is printing billions of dollars of money every month - and we are in a cyclical bull market that began in 2009.

Bull markets end when they end.

But they don't want to say that on TV, because that may make the viewer ask questions about the stock market. So now all they are doing is coming up with crazy explanations and predictions to support the idea that the stock market will just go up forever.

This is bubble talk folks!

It's the type of nonsense you start to hear as a cyclical bull market reaches its final innings.

And BTW the American Enterprise Institute also was one of the biggest promoters of the Iraq war - claiming that if the US invaded Iraq that it would be easy to transform the nation into a Democracy.

It's a disgusting neocon big government think tank - and you shouldn't take their predictions seriously, because they have been so wrong in the past.

They will say anything to encourage more government spending for the groups it likes, when in fact what is going on is that we are on the verge of a "disaster waiting to happen."

Instead of wanting to feel confident that some Republican is going to fix everything what last year has shown us is that the Republican Party leadership is totally hopeless when it comes to doing anything to fix the budget deficit.

I say this because they agreed to spend MORE money in the coming years in a bi-partisan budget deal that they used to push billions of more dollars at the special interest defense contractors that fund them.

Watch what they do and not what they say.

We cannot sit here and just hope some politician is going to get in and fix everything for us. Obama failed. There is no reason think the next President will do anything better.

And you shouldn't just put all your hopes in the next guy anyway.

We must look after ourselves. We must manage our money and assets wisely - and yes that may mean investing in gold even when we are told that gold is risky and dangerous by the TV experts.

This weekend Eric King did a must listen too interview with former Reagan budget director David Stockman.

Some excerpts:

Eric King: “As you watch the central planners desperately attempting to keep the global financial system intact, you’ve been there, you were working with President Reagan, can this system (ultimately) be saved?”

Stockman: “I think it’s inherently unstable. What they are doing is destructive. The balance sheet at the Fed, even if they stay on the $10-billion-a-month taper, is going to end up sooner or later close to $5 trillion, which would be 10 times greater than it was at the beginning of this century.

Well, the economy at the beginning of this century was $12 trillion or $13 trillion, and it’s $17 trillion now. So it (the economy is only) up a small fraction, and yet the balance sheet of the Fed is up ten-fold by the time they finish this current round (of QE).

To me that is a disaster waiting to happen because they have no clue about how they would ever shrink the balance sheet of the Fed. And if they don’t shrink the balance sheet of the Fed, it means that we’ve just fraudulently monetized a massive amount of the federal debt.”

To listen to this interview go here.

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