Budget Deal A Betrayal to the Nation - Mike Swanson (12/13/2013)

The die is now cast. The United States is going bankrupt in a few years. Republican leadership sold out in order to give MORE money to defense contractors that own them - even reducing the pensions of veterans to do it and making a bipartisan deal to allow Dems to fund their social programs with more of your money.

They key though is that this is an INCREASE in government spending. So it is now impossible for the Fed to take away its QE program. Oh it can in theory do a show reduction of 5-7 million, but it will never be able to eliminate it now.

Thanks to the budget deal we will now have money printing forever - and the day of bankruptcy will not be averted. This was the last chance - and we were betrayed.



I am US Army veteran of the war in Afghanistan who survived numerous violent encounters with the enemy. Thanks for being the only one I know of reporting this betrayal of our veterans. I wondered how strong of a supporter you were of veterans but judging by your last video, I have no doubt now you are a strong supporter.

Foxnews has completely failed me on this one because they're going along with the rest of the so-called "conservatives." I thought Ryan was supposed to be fiscally conservative but he is nothing more than another figurehead.

There is already a massive problem with retaining good talent in the military. Smart veterans realize quickly that the only logical benefit to putting up with all of the BS of the military (not to mention you could die) is the excellent pension and health benefits you can get after doing 20 years. This was the only guaranteed long-term benefit of doing 20 years in the military. Now even these are in question. This will lead to a massive brain drain in the military, which already suffered a mass exodus during the height of the Iraq War.

And I can personally attest to the vast VAST amounts of bureaucratic waste in the military. We were regularly told in training "make sure you use up all of the blank ammo." "Why?" "Because if we don't, they won't give us as much next time." We would then be ordered to spends hours firing blanks blindly into the woodline because we "didn't have time" to use them properly. The "use it or lose it" budget mentality permeates all levels of the military and fed govt.

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