Podcast - Dave Skarica On Current Trends in Gold - Mike Swanson (12/12/13)

I just did this interview with Dave Skarica of addictedtoprofits.net about the current action in the stock market and gold. Dave talked about his outlook for the rest of the month and early next year for the markets.

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don't know if there is an issue on my end, but i'm having a hard time hearing what David Skarica is saying; i wonder if his phone connection was a bit sketchy

yeah the phone connection was funny - there was a delay in when he could hear me after I spoke and vice versa.

If he was trying Skype to landline, you'll always get that delay. Just a hunch, could be 1 of a million reasons for that

Skype to Skype gets more reliable packet transmission

Yeah, there was some delay. Also, sometimes he sounded kind of garbled up, which is what made it harder to understand for me.

understanding Dave. Missed much of what he had to say.


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