This Is Zero Hour For Greece - Mike Swanson (02/12/12)

I just did this video with Dave Skarica of at his place in the Bahamas. I just spent the past few days there visiting with him, having a good time, and of course talking about the financial markets and what is going on. I see him once or twice a year and every time I do we can't help but talk about the markets.

So I thought I'd let you in on what we are thinking now in this video for you.

In it we talked about my visit with him and then discussed the Greek debt crisis and what it means for the market over the next few months. This past week Greek bankers and political leaders met with representatives of its foreign creditors to hash out a last minute deal to stave off a national default in march. They came to one, but it needs to pass parliament within the next few days and it is not clear whether or not this will happen, because there is rioting going on right now and the police are starting to side with the protestors.

Even if the deal goes through we think Greece will default anyway in time. We talk about this in the video:

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Watching Dave scratch his mosquito bites while I'm sitting here hating cold weather.

Greece, I don't think any political thingy is cast in concrete. I think they will continue to kick this can down the road just as long as necessary. Realize the Market is as nervous as that cat of Dave's would be on a hot tin roof. But, built on a bluff, run by a bluff, this is really small potatoes anyway.

This story is really quite old now, and overly discounted at present already. ---Those rascals will do whatever it takes to continue the Euro.

I want to go somewhere warm./jimo


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