What Will Replace Bonds In a Portfolio When They Fall? - Mike Swanson (02/02/2017)

What will play the role of a safe haven in your portfolio when bonds go into a bear market?

American investors are used to putting a good amount of their money into bonds and the rest in stocks with the idea that when stocks go down bonds will go up so they will be diversified.

This is what almost every single investment advisor does.

And there are entire chains of stock brokerage houses that train their brokers to invest money like this.

But bonds have been slowly going down now since the summer as the global bond market made an epic peak when they went up so much that they provided negative yields in European markets.

What this means is that if bonds are in a bear market, and I believe they are, then they will no longer go up to provide the safe haven function in people's portfolio like they have in the past.

Something will need to replace them.

This in fact will be the biggest trend that will impact all of the financial markets going forward even if no one is talking about it now.

Because if you make the change before others do you will be ahead of the money flood that will come into this asset class and sector.

I talk about this bond issue in this interview and provide my answer.

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