Beware Facebook As FANGS Are Biting Investors - Mike Swanson (04/28/2016)

In this quarter we have seen big earnings blow-ups from many stocks including Google, Netflix, Apple, IBM, and on and on.

This same thing happened in the last three quarters and then the stock market dumped.

However, yesterday Facebook announced good earnings and went up after the close.

The excitement on CNBC was intense.

But look what happened the last three times Facebook announced earnings:

The last three times that Facebook announced earnings it marked a top in the stock and it then fell for weeks and so did the stock market.

So I would not get fooled into getting bit again by Facebook or other "FANG" stocks and the CNBC hype.

I explain why in this comprehensive interview I did yesterday.

I also talked about where the money is now to be made in this interview.

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