If Apple Loses It's Battle With FBI Expect Overseas Sales To Collapse (02/19/2016)

Apple is now in a battle with the FBI over whether it must allow the government full access to all user phone data at all times.

It's going to court over this.

However, if it loses it will receive a devastating blow to its brand overseas.

Think about this if you bought a cell phone built by a company based in China or North Korea and that government then demanded access to all the data you enter in that phone at all times would you buy another phone from such a company?

Would you want to operate a gizmo like that under such control of a foreign government?

Many Americans are terrified of the night and love big brother so support the FBI and NSA on such issues, but they do not think at all about the impact this has on American companies when they sell things overseas.

From Mashable:

Apple has argued consistently that such access would intrude on user privacy and severely compromise security. By doing so — often with remarks couched in lofty idealistic rhetoric — Cook has built the promise of security and privacy further into Apple's brand and bolstered the "Think Different" ethos that the company has always used to set itself apart.

Its defiance may have put it in the line of fire of U.S. politicians, government agencies and segments of the population who disagree, but it also gives off the crucial impression that Apple is putting its customers before all else.

That's especially important overseas, where Apple now conducts the majority of its business and where people might be even more wary about a government having access to the intimate details of their lives.

Now that push is coming to shove, Apple has a huge business interest in following through with its fight.

"They can't be the brand they claim to be if they back down on this," said Susan Federspiel, strategy director at branding firm Landor. "They're taking a principled stand right now and they're really gambling that this strong pro-privacy, pro-security stance will reinforce the trust that consumers have in the brand."

Full story here.

Ironically the stock market bubble bull who craves big brother and believes he can make the stock market go up for him forever is likely to end up the biggest loser once again.

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