Jim Goddard Show Interview - Market Continues Weakness INTO Fed - Mike Swanson (12/11/2015)

In this interview with Jim Goddard I talked about the current action in the stock market and how it is lining up into the Fed meeting and is likely to bounce after the meeting and into the end of the year.

I also talked about the factors that really drove the stock market higher in this past bull market and why they are going to begin to disappear to cause big trouble for buy and believe investors in 2016.

It is not direct Fed manipulation that made the stock market go up, but something that the Fed did that helped create another debt disaster being totally ignored by stock market bubble bulls who were unable to recognize the internet or real estate bubbles either.

In bull markets even a monkey can make money, but when they come to an end this is no longer the case.

If you are interested in trading stocks for a bounce I did a strategy session with Matt Morris a few days ago.

You can listen to that here.

He also listed his six stocks for 2016 here.

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