Dennis Gartman - Market "Going To Get Ugly" - Mike Swanson (05/01/2015)

So Gartman says to look for a correction, but buy, because he sees no end to the bull market.

He essentially creates a scary headline and then tells people not to worry.

He is actually helping reassure CNBC bubble bulls after a bad day in the markets and playing a wonderful role for Wall Street.

In reality there is no way that Gartman can predict what the stock market will do after it's next 8-10% correction and he doesn't explain any reasoning behind his views in this video.

I guess CNBC bubble bulls don't expect one or care.

I believe we are actually in a stage three topping market.

However I do not say this pretending I am predicting the future.

If I am correct what will happen is that the market will drop at some point in what people will say is a "correction" and then bounce.

But that bounce will come with horrible internal participation.

That will tip us off that we are actually heading into a bear market and the stage three is complete.

So we will know what is happening instead of relying on crazy CNBC predictions of the future.

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