Talking Stock Market Cycles With Linda Jones Of Be Wealthy and Smart - Mike Swanson (04/15/2015)

I did an interview for Linda Jones who hosts a podcast titled Be Wealthy and Smart.

In this interview I talked with her about navigating stock market cycles as an investor and what I think is going on in a big picture terms of things with the US stock market, bonds, gold, and commodities.

There is a little audio feedback in this interview - I think was caused by a speaker on my end - but it is really a good interview. She did a great job and I think this is one of the better one's I have done recently too.

You can access this interview directly on her website by going here.

Or you can get the mp3 file directly by going here.

I have laid out an entire game plan in the next few years in a new mini-course I just released last week titled The Bear Market Power Pack.

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