Alcoa Shares Crash - Mike Swanson (03/10/2015)

Yesterday the DOW went up over 100 points.

The market fell bad on Friday, but yesterday's bounce made people forget about Friday's turmoil.

But inside the stock market there was more down to up volume and the percentage of stocks on the NYSE and S&P 500 above their long-term moving averages actually went down even though the market went up.

And it seems like everyday now there is a big name stocks that simply blows up.

Yesterday it was AA:

AA has broken all support and is now in a strong bear downtrend.

It's long-term moving averages are turning down.

It's a disaster.

It is a stock that has been shot and is dying.

And every day there is big name stock getting crushed like this.

But CNBC is always bullish.

The market is gapping down this morning and here is a CNBC morning clip telling people everything is great - and blaming weakness in the market on Europe.

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