WSW Podcast - David Banister's Forecast for the Markets - Mike Swanson (01/30/11)

I just did this podcast with David Banister of in which I discussed with him his forecast for the stock market over the next few months.

David has been spot on with the stock market correctly calling last year's peak in April and the big run since then so I really wanted to get his take on what is going on now. I found myself in agreement with most of what he lays out in his forecast article.

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I have been a subscriber to David Banister's 'Active Trading Partners' (230 partners) and 'Market Trend Forecast' services for almost a year now. His forecasts for PM's and S&P have been spot on every single time.

He likes to layer in and out of positions in thirds or halves. I can highly recommend his services to fellow WSW members.

Let's see whether his $1270-80 target for gold and 1210 minimal target for SP 500 are taken out during this correction.

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