Is It Your Duty To Worship The Government? (02/18/2015)

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American culture is not what it used to be. To Sheldon Richman it has become too nationalist with a “quasi-worship” element. People treat the country as if it’s an entity that constantly needs reverence.

Richman understands people would like to separate the country from the government, but feels that’s unrealistic on the grand scale. Just look at the Pledge of Allegiance or military fly-overs at sporting events. The love for family or your community are one thing, but that’s not what’s going on with regards to love for country.

Jacob Hornberger wonders if such nationalist beliefs have grown out from the dawn of compulsory public schooling. Government education is there to serve the national security state, instilling obedience and conformity, he says.

Nationalism has a psychic effect, causing otherwise good people to rationalize bad acts. Murder, theft, and other crimes become noble when done to perpetuate the nation’s security and power. Ultimately, the love for the nation means loving the government’s aggression against the Other.

Loving principles espoused in the Declaration of Independence is great. But the moment nationalism creeps in, false enemies are created and those very principles become just cover for evil.

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