Stock Market Outlook For February, 2015 with David Skarica - Mike Swanson (01/30/2015)

I did this live video mastermind session with David Skarica on Friday after the market close.

We recorded it so that you can watch it.

Skarica runs the advisory service

We had trouble with the connection from the 8:00 minute to 16:00 minute mark so you can skip that part of the video if you want.

We both believe that the stock market is likely to decline in February and have trading ideas on how to profit from this. There are also opportunities on the long-side outside traditional US stocks we discuss in this video.

I also got Dave to agree to a special limited discount offering for you to get in his Addicted to Profits premium trading service.

He normally charges over $350 just to go get in this service for new people, but I got him to do a discount with a nice monthly rate for you.

Armed with this service you will be able to target the type of trades that are apt for this new changing stock market.

I've been saying for the past few months that this is the year that in order to come out a winner people will have to do things differently. Simply throwing your money at the stock market and buying and believing that it will go up forever will not work anymore like it did from 2012-2014.

So you have to be much more tactical and wise about what you are buying.

The good news is that the increase in market volatility brings opportunities to make even bigger gains when positioned in the right trades.

To find out more and start go here.

This special deal will end on Sunday after the SuperBowl.

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