Today's Stock Market State of the Union - Mike Swanson (01/22/2015)




CNBC teaches their audience to hate and fear the next Greek prime minister.


Because he is against international bankers milking his nation to death and CNBC supports ANYTHING that supports bankers - including their bailouts of 2008 that have smothered free capitalism around the world - including in the United States - and have transferred a Wall Street debt crisis into a coming government funding crisis.

So CNBC denounces people against these banks as being "Marxists" while supporting always socialist bailout programs for Wall Street.

And the CNBC audience accepts anything told to them as long as their stocks go up.

In the United States for most people citizenship means watching a network news channel and believing anything told to them and picking a talking head to "follow" and hating the people they are told to hate by that talking head. That way they feel like they are a part of a group and enjoy the comfort that this feeling of belonging gives them.

That's why twelve years ago going into the war in Iraq so many people craved the start of that war and believed that Saddam had something to do with 9/11 even though in reality Saudi Arabia did. The lead up and start of the war was exciting for TV watchers and TV doesn't talk about the Saudis so the masses don't care. Instead they hate Putin.

The problem with the masses is not that their leaders lie to them, but that they believe anything they are told without question. Christianity is not the real religion of the United States - conformity and worship of state power is.

And on days when their stocks go up the masses CRAVE picks in anything no matter how expensive the stock is and believe the Fed will make the market go up forever for them.

And so Cramer delivered a Netflix pump last night:

In 2007 Cramer fed his viewers over 3,700 separate and individual stock picks using very complicated and deep analysis in what amounted to essentially yelling and spitting the picks out of his mouth at his audience nonstop.


And so they bought.

BTW - you can watch a speech by the next Greek PM and judge for yourself if he is someone you need to fear and hate by going here.

As Cramer pumps the stock market wobbles.

It has been gyrating up and down in a volatile fashion now for months in what is a stage three topping process that will serve as a prelude to a new bear market.

Topping phases are typified by a deterioration in the internals of the stock market as fewer and fewer stocks and sectors go up with the market and many actually fall below their long-term moving averages and enter new bear markets of their own ahead of the US stock market averages falling apart.

This is exactly what is happening as you can see from this chart.

What this chart shows you is the percentage of stocks on the NYSE that are above and below their 200-day moving averages.

It has been falling since last summer and has been dropping since November even though the stock market went higher.

Cramer won't talk about this, because people do not want to hear it and it will anger his producers and Wall Street advertisers.

So in the 2000-2003 bear market CNBC talking heads called bottoms and told people to hold all of the way down.

In 2007 and 2008 they did the same thing again going into the Wall Street collapse as insiders cashed out and people like me who understood what was happening bet against the US stock market.

In the next bear market they will do it all over again.

And they still refuse to tell people to diversify or buy gold - which is the best performing asset so far year to date and is now starting a new bull market.

But Wall Street constantly tells people to be scared of gold.

Here is a Yahoo Finance Video today - made in partnership with CNBC - by some Wall Street clowns telling people to be scared of gold:

At the start of bull markets few people believe they are starting.

Gold prices are going up and these guys talk like they are going down.

You see Wall Street hates gold, because if someone takes their money and buys gold with it they do not make any money off of it.

When you keep your money in a mutual fund they draw trails and suck off of your money like a parasite.

But when you move money out and do something else with it you escape their clutches.

They do not want people buying gold so always tell people to be scared of it.

In reality gold is going up and is starting a new bull market.

It just closed above its long-term 150 and 200 day moving averages.

Your take away today - gold is bullish and the US stock market is flashing scary warning signs. If you believe what you hear on CNBC without question you will eventually be crushed and on TV in general you will be misled.

The problem with the elites running the United States isn't that they are elites, but that they are nihilist and have no direction they are taking things.

Everyone knows there are serious problems and we need to go in another direction.

We need a sane foreign policy.

In Syria we funded crazy rebels that were trying to overthrow the government there for no good reason and created chaos just like we did in Libya.

The result is the ISIS monsters.

And now there is no plan to defeat them except to fund more crazy rebels.

And we need to see the end of reckless Fed policies and we need the government to bring its deficits and debts under control in order to have real economic growth.

But the plan of the elites is to simply hope things get better and pump QE again if the stock market falters.

Watch this clip of CFR member Stephen Roach - who was the head economist at JP Morgan and is now an economics professor.

In this clip he says that the Fed has again created a mess.

But the CNBC bubble girl says that the Fed can take measures such as buying stocks outright and printing money so there is nothing to worry about.

Watch his body language at the 1:50 mark in response to her.

I got the same feeling he does and wonder the same thing - when will the madness end?

Will people ever stand up and say we've had enough?

Or will people continue to clap in obedience as the elites drive everything to the ledge?

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