Swiss Bank Move Angers Cramer - Mike Swanson (01/15/2015)

Swiss bank move is a smart move for it, but it makes Cramer angry so he attacks anyway.

He claims it is going to "traumatize people."

What is he talking about?

I have not met a single person today who is in trauma over this.

Well, the stock market has been acting wild so far this year with big up and down swings.

This is what it does when you reach the end of a bull market and people want to know what is happening.

Instead of admitting the reality of the situation CNBC bubble bulls such as Cramer latch on to events like the Swiss bank move as an explanation and lash out in a fit of anger.

If he really cared about people he would tell them to reduce their US equity exposure and DIVERSIFY.

But he doesn't - or he can't, because to do so would anger the Wall Street companies that advertise on CNBC and in essence pay him to howl and yell.

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