Little Guy Piling Into US Stock ETF's - Mike Swanson (12/02/2014)

Quote of the day:

TrimTabs also highlighted that inflows into these ETFs over the month ending Nov. 26 was $42.9 billion, near a level not seen since December 2007, shortly after the last bull market ended. This inflow figure is also five-times the year-to-date average.

For full article go here: This bearish indicator just neared its precrash high.

Thoughts - after the 2008 stock market crash US investors sold more stocks than they bought for several years.

Even after the market bottomed in 2009 they were net sellers all of the way up until 2012.

Then they became net buyers years after the bottom.

Now they are buying like they never have before.

This is what people do - they chase bull markets years after they start and sell after important bear market bottoms and even as a bull market begins.

So look at what people are doing now when it comes to the US stock market and with gold in the futures market and you see what is happening.

What makes people bullish on the US stock market is the simple fact that it has gone up for five years.

People believe that higher stocks means that the economy is booming and therefore stocks should go higher.

This is the circular logic of the bubble bull.

For example look at this video:

What is funny about the video is Macke says that retail sales at Wal-Mart and Target are great, because their stocks have gone up.

He doesn't site any real numbers as evidence of what the sales actually are.

He just says stock action is proof!

Well I doubt there stocks going up this past month has anything to do with what is going on inside the stores, but simply happened because the stock market has been going up since mid-October.

If they fell instead I wouldn't think it would mean much either.

It's all a lesson in how people fit the news and their vision of reality to match their views on the stock market.

So a bubble bull generates bubble thoughts in the brain of someone like Jeff Macke.

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