The Biggest Wall Street Lie Being Told Today - Mike Swanson (11/17/2014)

Everyone is getting insanely bullish on the stock market.

Here is Jeff Macke interviewing an "investment officer" at some Wall Street firm.

What these firms do is get money from investors and throw it into the stock market, tell them that the market is going to go up forever, and draw trails off of them like parasites.

These people investing with such firms would be better off escaping such fees by putting their money in ETF's if they are bullish, but that's another story.

What is important today is that this man asserts that there "is no alternative to stocks" and claims that you should just ignore the fact the market has gone up for five years and is a bubble and just buy, because you have no choice.

The biggest lie on Wall Street is that you have no choice, but to buy US stocks.

There are stock markets all over the world and entire asset classes outside of stocks that you can buy too.

Such as gold.

Such as real estate.

Just to name two.

The idea that you have "no choice" is the biggest lie being told right now - and bubble bull Jeff Macke is pushing it today.

This guy also says don't worry about the bull market ending, because “they die in anticipation of the next recession and really there are no signs flashing, any warnings that a recession is imminent.”

Actually bull markets end when everyone is bullish and believe that they will go up forever and make statements such as you have no choice, but to buy stocks.

Notice that this video show is sponsored by Merrill Lynch.

That's who the talking head in it is working for - and he is either simply mouthing what they want to the viewers or was picked, because he reflects the production values that they seek to sponsor.

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