Market Rally Brings Euphoria To Jeff Macke - Mike Swanson (11/13/2014)

Jeff Macke speaks for himself.

And he has become THE leader of the bulls in this market on Yahoo Finance.

He is also sponsored and thereby owned by Merrill Lynch so he brings the bullish message to the masses that they like.

I wonder though will he be able to tell people to get out before the bubble pops?

It will be interesting to see.

I monitor several people with various viewpoints on the internet and on their twitter accounts to see how their opinions change with the market.

Macke is getting more bullish.

The other week he said he bought more FB, because the market would go up until the end of the year and then "you are on your own."

Now he is saying it will go up 10% and suggesting it will rally until March.

So he is getting more bulled up.

So are the masses.

According to Investors Intelligence over 54% of them are bullish on the market.

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