Chris Puplava Sees Late Inning Bull Market - Mike Swanson (11/03/2014)

From a article titled Shift in Quality Spectrum Argues We’ve Entered Later Innings of Bull Market

What the shift to quality means is that we are likely moving into the final stage of the bull market and economic expansion. How long this late-stage market and economic cycle can go on for is anyone’s guess, particularly with central bank intervention; but what it ultimately implies is a greater focus on risk management and lowering one’s risk in the markets.

Puplava sees the following:

1 - Investors have shifted towards higher quality assets.
2 - This dynamic is present in the latter innings of a bull market.
3 - Of concern is a significant loss in market momentum.
4 - Greater emphasis on risk management is required.

The market environment is indeed changing.

Big shifts happen every few years, but most people ignore them because they are either have no idea that they are happening or simply cannot afford to miss out on another market rally.

This is where we are now.

And everyone is bullish.

This is today on CNBC:

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