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Interview With Dave Skarica on Current Stock Market Trends - (10/01/10)

I just did a podcast interview with Dave Skarica on current stock market trends. To listen to it click here.

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Country Style Cooking (NYSE: CCSC) Shares Rise in Debut (09/28/10) - Mike Swanson

Shares of Chinese company Country Style Cooking Restaurant Chain co. (NYSE: CCSC) rose today in a strong debut on the New York Stock Exchange.

The company raised $82.5 million dollars by selling 5 million American Depository Shares at $16.50 per share.

The underwriters also have a 30-day option to buy 75,000 more AD shares.

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Last Day for Strategic Stock Trading Book Bonus - Mike Swanson (09/23/10)

This is the last day I am going to promote this newsletter bonus for buying my new book Strategic Stock Trading.

It is still the number one best selling business and investment book on Amazon.com and in the top 100 best selling books on there for all categories.


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Strategic Stock Trading Book Makes One Person Angry - Mike Swanson (09/21/10)

It sure has been an exciting couple of days to see my book do so well on the Amazon sales charts and to get all sorts of congratulations about it. Thank you!

The funny thing about communicating with people in email though is you can get 100 fun emails from people and then one upset email and it is that one which sticks out.

One person is upset about the book. They sent me this email:


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My Book Strategic Stock Trading Makes On Person Upset

The funny thing about communicating with people in email though is you can get 100 fun emails from people and then one upset email and it is that one which sticks out.

One person is upset about my book offer. They sent me this email:

>Your a Jerk and a Crook! Get a job and go to work! And notice I haven't

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New Strategic Stock Trading Book Hits Amazon Best Seller List - Mike Swanson (09/20/10)

Sometimes you feel like pinching yourself. Yesterday I sent out an email announcing to the world that my new book Strategic Stock Trading is now available on Amazon.com.

By the end of the day it hit the Amazon top 100 best seller list and became the number one book on their Hot New Releases in Investing list and their third best selling Business and Investing book.

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Strategic Stock Trading Book Now Available - Mike Swanson (09/19/10)

My new book Strategic Stock Trading is now available for you on Amazon.com to order right here. I’m going to tell you a little bit about some controversy behind it. First let me tell you about the book itself.

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Stock Market Opening Bell: Research in Motion (Nasdaq: RIMM) and Oracle (Nasdaq: ORCL) Announce - Mike Swanson (09/17/10)

The stock market as of 7:00 AM Friday is poised to gap up on the opening following a bullish day in Europe where the FTSE and DAX are up almost a percent. Those moves came on positive earnings reports from Blackberry maker Research in Motion. Oracle also announced good earnings yesterday which is helping to fuel speculation in technology stocks.

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