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Wall Street Stock Picks - Mike Swanson

We've had some big winning Wall Street stock picks lately. Our recommendation from last week is already up over 20% and it still has much more room to run. One subscriber to my free weekly stock picks newsletter sent me a neat note over the weekend. Doug Allen wrote, "I have to congratulate you guys.

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Website Upgrades

This past weekend we upgraded the software that generates the web pages for this website. Over the past few days I've been working on a new layout for the site. It cuts the right sidebar by half to give more space to the content on the site and rearranges the front page a bit. I hope to have it online by tonight.

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Making Sense of This Gold Drop - Mike Swanson (10/04/07)

Yesterday the XAU dropped 2.06 points while the HUI fell 5.75. Both fell much harder than gold on a percentage basis. We've seen a huge rally in gold stocks in the past few weeks - one that on a long-term chart appears to be a key turning point as the gold market appears to have ended its lengthy seventeen month long period of consolidation and is beginning a new bull run. However, at the moment it is setup for a period of consolidation for the next 2-3 weeks before it moves higher. I'm going to be looking to add on to my gold position during this time frame. If past history holds than the 153-156 area will be key support for the XAU.

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WSW Podcast: The Next Big Buy Point (8/30/07)

Dave Skarica and I published a podcast yesterday on the close. You can listen to it by clicking here. In the podcast we discuss his latest issue of Addicted to Profits and the next big buy point in the market. To subscribe to Dave's Addicted to Profits go to this link.

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The Opening Bell - Special Podcast (8/15/07)

Today's morning commentary is reserved for WSW Power Investor subscribers only. After the close we will produce a special podcast about today's market action. It will be posted right here tomorrow morning, but you can receive it today after the close by susbcribing to this podcast through Itunes, Yahoo, Google, or your favorite rss feed reader. Click here.

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The Opening Bell - Gamblers Bet Fed Will Panic (8/07/07)

Yesterday the DOW rallied almost 300 points to take back Friday's losses. The Fed meets today at 2:15 PM and it seems a lot of people are betting on some sort of relief from the Fed. If not lower rates then a statement telling the market they are on guard.

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$250 Billion in Subprime Losses? - John Mauldin (6/30/07)

Is the subprime mortgage market collapsing before our eyes, or did we avoid a disaster as Bear Stearns stepped up to the plate with $3.2 billion to help its ailing funds? As we will see from the data, the problems in the subprime world are not over. The Fat Lady has not sung. But will the problems in this market contaminate the rest of the liquidity-driven markets? Is the party over? Not according to the high-yield markets. In this week's letter, we look at what could be the real problem in the next half of the year.

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US Dollar: In Danger as Reserve Currency - Joe Duarte (12/01/06)

U.S. Dollar: In Danger As Reserve Currency.

Corporate American Sweating Regulation As Capital Finds Home Elsewhere

The U.S. Dollar is nearing a multi-year low, as measured by the Dollar Index. The common wisdom suggests that the status of the dollar is based on economic fundamentals. Yet, there is data that suggests that beyond the slowing economy, the long term trend and the increasingly dangerous of the dollar is stemming from policy decisions made by Congress and by the White House.

According to Investor's Business Daily: "a growing chorus of officials and executives are howling that the U.S. is losing ground to more nimble markets like London and Hong Kong." Indeed "After decades out front, a report says the U.S. hobbled itself with overly strict regulation while the spread of globalization and technology helped the rest of the field play a stellar game of catch-up."

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Gold ETF Impact Part 2 - Adam Hamilton (11/25/06)

Two years ago this week a surprisingly controversial event occurred in the gold world. The first gold exchange-traded fund to trade in the States was launched. The StreetTracks Gold Shares gold ETF marked the dawn of a new era where investors can now directly buy a gold proxy from within their familiar stock trading accounts.

The November 18th, 2004 launch of GLD galvanized long-time gold investors like few other events I can remember. Hardcore gold investors have long believed in holding physical gold in their own immediate possessions, which is definitely very prudent. All portfolios ought to have a foundation of physical gold, the real deal, in their owners’ own immediate possessions. Among these faithful gold investors, GLD spawned a schism.

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Dumping Dollar Propping Up Gold - Mike Swanson (11/24/06)

As I write this this morning the US dollar index is trading down .77 at 83.67 and gold is trading up over 7 points and is above its most recent high. On Wednesday the dollar broke through its support trendline that goes all the way back to last December. The trend is now clearly down for the dollar and the dollar should fall down to 80 within the next 6 months.

Today is tricky though because the US commodities markets are closed. Volume is going to be extremely thin in the gold market. Gold stocks are going to gap up, but I'm still to wary to add to my positions as I'm already about 90% invested. Plus the charts still suggest that gold stocks are due for some more consolidation as I wrote here: XAU Price Projection for the Next Three Weeks - Mike Swanson (11/22/06)