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Bill Gross Says Get Out of Dollars - Mike Swanson (06/03/09)

Today in an article posted on his website Bill Gross says that US investors should begin to diversify out of dollars before central banks do so - something he sees happening a few years down the road.

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Update on Gold Stocks with Dave Skarica - Mike Swanson (06/03/09)

I just left the Bahamas yesterday, but before I did Dave and I put together this update on the gold market and gold stocks for you.

To watch it just click the video below.

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Gold Stocks Rally - Mike Swanson (05/22/09)

Yesterday gold and gold stocks rallied following a dip in the stock market and US Treasury bonds. Gold in fact went to its highest price level since March. It appears some investors are starting to go into gold as a safe haven. Gold stocks are benefiting as a result using simple stock trading strategies.

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CPI Posts Biggest Drop in 54 years - Mike Swanson (05/15/09)

For the past year we have seen records of all kinds made in the economy and stock market - from the depth of market crashes, to heights in the price of oil, big rallies in the stock market, and now a big drop in consumer prices.

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What the Charts Say About Gold Stocks - Mike Swanson (12/17/08)

With yesterday's historic Fed move and the wild action we have seen in gold the past few months a lot of people have been asking about gold stocks. Since 2002 I have been in and out of the gold market, catching some of the great moves we have seen in the past few years and becoming known as a big believer in the long-term secular bull trend in gold.

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The One Question You Need to Answer - Mike Swanson (12/02/08)

Over the weekend I looked in my newspaper at the stock market section and the list of mutual funds. Almost every single one of them is getting smashed, with losses in the 40-50% range.

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Some Straight Talk On the Stock Market (Excerpt) - Mike Swanson (11/13/08)

This is excerpted from a WSW Power Investor members only article. Some portions of it had to be taken out that deal with individual positions. For the full article go here.

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Dave Skarica on Gold Junior Mining Stocks - Mike Swanson (11/04/08)

I'm in the Bahamas right now visiting with Dave Skarica of Addictedtoprofits.net. We are making some videos about the market and for the website. We also are planning an investment conference for next year that we'll talk about in more detail in a future video. I'll be back really soon and don't plan on going anywhere else for the rest of this year.

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Henry Paulson Will Morph Toxic Banks into Toxic Dollars - This Doesn't Have to Happen - Mike Swanson (09/22/08)

On Thursday right before CNBC reported on rumors of the bank bailout plan, Ben Bernanke was meeting with lawmakers and selling the plan to them. Inside a conference room that is part of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's office he was meeting with the Congressional leadership.

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This is Deleveraging Not Deflation - Mike Swanson (09/15/08)

I went out of town last week to the Resource Investment Conference in Las Vegas. I'll get to that in a second, but so much is happening that this is going to be a longer message than usual. This weekend we are seeing Lehman go broke, Merrill Lynch in a desperate buyout, AIG try to fend of bankruptcy, and a frightening gap down in the market this morning.

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