How I use TC2000 technical analysis software to scan and sort through stocks

How to quickly identify stocks about to move using Worden brothers tc2000 software. With the right setup you can find stocks that will make you money in just minutes a day.

For more on TC2000 and get to a trial of the software go to the Worden Brothers website. Unfortunately I couldn't get it to look really good in a screen capture - when I blew it up to make it bigger it got all fuzzy, but I think my audio narration will give you an idea of how it works. I'll stick to using powerpoint in future presentations.

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The magic of TC2000 stock trading software is that it lets you search through thousands of stocks very quickly. All you have to do to go from stock chart to stock chart is click the space by on your keyboard. It's simple, yet most programs are a little more cumbersome and take much more time to use.

Using TC2000 I literally could go through every single stock in the stock market in an afternoon, although it isn't necessary to do that if you narrow down your stock scan and search criteria.

For more on TC2000 and to get a trial of the software go to the Worden Brothers website. Trust me it looks better when it is on your computer than it does in this video.

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