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WSW Podcast - A Bottom? Let's Talk Sentiment - Special Guests Mark Young and Dave Skarica (02/05/10)

Every Friday after the close we release a market recap podcast. This Friday I talk with Mark Young and Dave Skarica about investor sentiment and the odds of a real end to the correction right here. I also ask Dave what is going on with gold stocks?

Personally I actually did some buying today and sent out a buy alert to my premium members for a few ETF's. I even recommended a stock. I can't send it out to the whole world, because that wouldn't be fair to the premium members, but it is a company that has products in the grocery store and Wal-Mart and odds are you ate one of their products this past week. The company just emerged from bankruptcy and I believe is ready to rock and roll.

On this correction its stock has held up like a rock and it is the stocks that hold up during declines that tend to go up nicely during rallies.

Anyway the next few weeks should be much more fun than the past few weeks!

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