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WallstreetWindow Podcast - A New Podcast For 2010 - Mike Swanson (01/15/10)

A few years ago I used to put out a sporadic podcast. However, when internet video exploded I got caught up in video and the pure audio productions I was doing went by the wayside. I have decided in 2010 to bring back an audio podcast.

My plan is to produce an audio mp3 podcast every Friday on the close. This is my first one and is just a test podcast. What I will do in future ones is do a show with two guests, each one being a 15-20 minute interview for a complete 30-40 minute show you can download and take with you or listen to over the weekend.

If you recall last year I was going to do this and make it a separate product called Stock Market Masterminds. I decided to just give it to you as a free bonus. My thanks to you for being a reader. If you want to return the favor just tell people about it once we get it going!

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To directly download the mp3 file click here.