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2010 Stock Market Outlook - Mike Swanson (01/03/10)

This is an important PDF file containing views on the Stock Market for 2010. I call it a Money Map, because it details the trading tactics that I think you will need to use this year to make money, because I think this year is going to be much different than the past two years.

You probably should print this out and take the document to your favorite reading place.

To access it click here: 2010 Stock Market Money Map.

Please note this a PDF document and requires adobe acrobat reader to open. If you have trouble opening it you may want to upgrade to the latest version of adobe for free. You can do this by clicking here.

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Module 3 - Magic Indicators - How to use the right technical indicators to compliment your analysis of a stock and not get rigidly trapped by them or overwhelmed using the wrong ones.

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Module 5 – Break Through Trading By Timing Your Entry Point To Perfection - How to clearly define your entry point in a trade and know exactly where you should put a stop loss order for risk management.

Module 6 – Get Out at the Top and Maximize Your Profits - Know the warning signs that spot a market top forming months in advance before a bear market breaks out and eats everyone alive.

Module 7 – Secret Weapons of Champion Traders - Discover money management techniques to properly diversify your portfolio in order to generate the greatest return with the lowest amount of risk.

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Now you need to know that I limit the new memberships to only a small number of people and only a few times a year for a number of reasons. First I consider Power Investor a training program for new people that takes a lot of work on my part, because it requires me to answer lots of email questions from new members. In the past so many people were signing up that I decided I really could no longer handle it, because I no longer had the time to constantly answer emails from new people. So I decided to just accept new people only a few times a year so the influx of new people would happen in a narrow window of time instead of all of the time. I also wanted to make my service more valuable to current subscribers and by keeping it limited to a small number of people this does that for them.

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I don't want to put any pressure on you, but you need to know that back then there were about 32,000 people on this email list and now there are 44,000 people so it may sell out even faster.

Also I have an old list with over 80,000 emails on it that goes all of the way back to 1999. Because the list is so old though most of these emails are no longer active. I estimate there are probably only 10,000 active readers on it. So that is around 56,000 people all together who get my stuff making a sellout on Tuesday pretty much a sure thing.

But whether you become a member or not let’s make 2010 your best year yet in the stock market! I don’t think most people will be saying this a year from now, but it’s possible for you when you are in the right stocks.

Start by clicking here: 2010 Stock Market Money Map.