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Is Jim Cramer Married - The Ugly Truth

Is Jim Cramer Married? The secret is his wife is behind most of his success and the ugly truth is there are vicious people spreading rumors saying that he cheated on her and his marriage has broken up. Neither of these rumors are true. They were published in a national "business" magazine and I can't find any evidence of them anywhere.

The author just was on a clear personal rampage against stock trading Cramer. Anyone who gets famous and is on TV all of the time is open to attack and Cramer is no different.

The secret through is he met his wife - Karen Backfisch-Olufsen - when she worked as a trader for Michael Steinhardt's hedge fund. She then went to work for Cramers fund.

If you read any of Cramer's books he makes clear that she was a big part of his success - in fact he almost blew up his fund several times and she helped steer him into avoiding the abyss.

She also is portrayed as being tough in the book and helping control him when he gets all emotional about stocks so one wonders if it weren't for her whether Cramer would have ever made it as a hedge fund manager. Cramer is smart, but he needed her help.

Truth is though all traders need others to work with. It is a tough business and no one can really do it all alone. We need other people to bounce ideas off of and make sure we don't doing something stupid in this volatile market.

I learned that myself when I started out. I lost half of my money and it wasn't until I worked with another trader - actually started to teach them - that I started to make big money and I haven't looked back since.

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