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You Must Have A Strategy For This News Driven Stock Market

Trading stocks is a difficult process with both potential losses and gains. Many people make money on the stock market, but most lose money due to a poor understanding of stock trading strategies. Although there is no guarantees, becoming familiar with effective strategies can greatly increase your chances of making a profit.

Playing the Stock Market Ticker

  • Trading the Dow Jones Industrial Average Today
    If you want to be the best in any field then you need to have adequate skill and knowledge to deal efficiently in that field. Similarly, if you are planning to enter the stock field then here also you need to brush up yours skills and knowledge. And, to gain this you need to follow some stock tips, as these tips will help you to overcome all the risks in the stock market and, thereby, bring you closer to success. Once you enter the stock market, you cannot avoid the risks and market fluctuations but with expert advice and tips you will be more prepared to handle the market and its risks. Let us see some of the stock tips that will help you to earn more profit. Before, you get into any market dealing, it is really very impo...
  • Tracking Stock Quotes to Buy and Sell Stocks
    There are many experts and stock trading books telling you how to pick stocks. You can turn on the TV and you are going to get a stock recommendation if you watch financial news. But most people never tell you when to buy or sell. That is where technical analysis can come in. Technical analysis cannot tell you if a stock is cheap or expensive based on fundamentals, but it can tell you when you should buy and sell, which is just as important. Technical analysis is all about using price action to time your entry and exit points. There are three key things you need to know when it comes to charts and technical analysis. First you must understand that the price of a stock is already factoring in the future. A stock is high because people thin...
  • Tracking the Pulse of the Stock Market Ticker
    Trading stocks through the stock market is an extremely popular, and potentially profitable, method of making money. Typically, this process is done through a stock investor or trader. This is a firm that buys and sells bonds, stocks, and other financial assets. It is worth the time to familiarize yourself with stock trading strategies. When you purchase stocks in a company, you are essentially buying a portion of the company. Basically, you will make money as the company makes money, and therefore lose money when the company loses money. This makes stock trading and the strategies involved very important. There are some basics you should familiarize yourself with. A very common method of trading is called momentum trading. When utilizing...
  • World Stock Market News - China's Economy Still Growing
    China had little effect on the world economy before the latter part of the 1980s. It took nearly a decade for economic reforms of the late 1970s to have an impact. Growth was generated in investments, consumerism and the living standards of many citizens. Although 10.8% of the citizens live on a dollar a day, the poverty level has decreased radically. It was 53% in 1980 and was down to 2.5% in 2005. The standard determining poverty seems to be measured differently in China, however. Even with exchange rates taken into account, $1 per day sounds meager. China has grown into a world power and is a fine example for developing countries to follow. China's immense geographic area, populated by a large population makes it influential. It has an impact on the economy of the entire world. ...
  • Quantitative Easing Explained
    This video explains quantitative easing: To fight the fed and buy stocks that are going to go up due to Fed inflation sign up to my free stock trading newsletter below.
  • David Skarica's New Book The Great Supercycle is Now Available - Mike Swanson
    David Skarica's new book the Great Supercycle released by John Wiley and Sons is now available for purchase at The book is expected to be in stores across the United States within a week, but is now available for advance order from Amazon with a nice discount off of its cover price. The book gives an overview of the economic and financial cycles that are impacting the United States and the investment asset classes and sectors that should perform the best over the coming years. Themes in the book include gold, commodities, and emerging markets.