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McCain Calls Trump a Phony & a Punk (in a Nice Way)

RealClearPolitics - 8 hours 20 min ago
E.J. Montini, Arizona Republic
Sen. John McCain called President Donald Trump a phony and a punk on Monday night. Only he did so with grace and eloquence, speaking like a statesman in a language the president does not understand.

On Iran, U.S. asks U.N. Security Council: 'Where's the outrage?'

Top Reuters News - 8 hours 21 min ago
UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - The United States accused Iran on Wednesday of violating several United Nations Security Council resolutions, saying it would no longer "turn a blind eye" and asking the 15-member council of Tehran's behavior: "where's the outrage?"

A Flag-Raising in Puerto Rico--and a Call to Duty

RealClearPolitics - 8 hours 38 min ago
Carl Cannon, RealClearPolitics
On this date in 1898, the U.S. flag was raised in an official ceremony over government buildings in the Puerto Rican capital of San Juan. If that sounds vaguely familiar, don’t be confused: The storied military action in the Spanish-American War was on San Juan Hill, where Theodore Roosevelt and his “Rough Riders” made their reputation -- but that was in Cuba, more than 600 miles away.

DEA Whistleblower: Opioid Crisis Fueled by Congress and Drug Companies for Profit

LibertarianInstitute - 8 hours 47 min ago

This article originally appeared at Anti-Media. 


Following the publication of a pair of reports that shed light on the role Donald Trump’s pick for drug czar, Representative Tom Marino, played in fuelling the opioid crisis, Marino withdrew his name from consideration on Tuesday.

Over the weekend, The Washington Post and CBS’s 60 Minutes published the findings of their joint investigation into the root causes of an American opioid epidemic that has claimed 200,000 lives over the last two decades.

What the outlets concluded is that distributors — the companies that ship the pills to clinics and pharmacies — work hand in hand with Congress and industry lobbyists. As 60 Minutes wrote, they are “providing the rocket fuel” for a crisis that has no end in sight.

Whistleblower Joe Rannazzisi, who used to run the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) Office of Diversion Control, the unit that oversees the pharmaceutical industry, says the distributors are simply out to make money and ignore regulations designed to prevent what the DEA terms “suspicious orders” from being shipped out.

“This is an industry that allowed millions and millions of drugs to go into bad pharmacies and doctors’ offices, that distributed them out to people who had no legitimate need for those drugs,” Rannazzisi told 60 Minutes interviewer Bill Whitaker.

“You know the implication of what you’re saying,” Whitaker said to Rannazzisi, “that these big companies knew that they were pumping drugs into American communities that were killing people.”

The whistleblower responded: “That’s not an implication, that’s a fact. That’s exactly what they did.”

Rannazzisi claims the biggest blow to the DEA’s efforts to combat the opioid crisis came in 2016, when a law that essentially defanged the agency breezed through Congress and was signed into law by President Barack Obama. That law significantly lessened investigators’ ability to freeze drug shipments they deemed suspicious.

A main sponsor of that bill was Representative Marino, who until Tuesday was in line to become Trump’s director of National Drug Control Policy—a position commonly referred to as “drug czar.” It was reported that Trump felt immediate pressure to drop Marino following the weekend’s dual publications.

It was also reported this week that President Trump — again, directly following the investigation by The Post and 60 Minutes — will soon declare the opioid crisis a national emergency, giving the federal government additional authority to combat the epidemic.

DEA Whistleblower: Opioid Crisis Fueled by Congress and Drug Companies for Profit was first posted on October 18, 2017 at 1:58 pm.

How Long Can Jimmy Kimmel Be the Hero of the Left?

RealClearPolitics - 8 hours 54 min ago
Willa Paskin, Slate
The Jimmy Kimmel Live! staffer wanted something different. “Let’s try this,” he said to the nearly 2,000 people gathered early Monday evening at the Brooklyn Academy of Music to watch the first taping of Kimmel’s annual five-night stand in the New York City borough where he was born. It was a few minutes before the start of the show and the staffer had already put the audience—who an hour earlier had snaked around the block—through its paces, asking them to practice a standing ovation and then cacophonous laughter, which the amped-up crowd delivered so...

Beware the Rape Allegation Bandwagon

RealClearPolitics - 8 hours 54 min ago
Michelle Malkin, Townhall
"#MeToo" is the social media meme of the moment. In a 24-hour period, the phrase was tweeted nearly a half million times and posted on Facebook 12 million times. Spearheaded by actress Alyssa Milano in the wake of Hollyweird's Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal, women have flooded social media with their own long-buried accounts of being pestered, groped or assaulted by rapacious male predators in the workplace.

From Damascus, Iran vows to confront Israel

MiddleEasteye - 8 hours 55 min ago
Language Undefined

Iranian general highlights military cooperation between Damascus and Tehran in face of 'common enemies'

#MeToo Named the Victims. Now, Let's List the Perps

RealClearPolitics - 8 hours 55 min ago
Jessica Valenti, The Guardian
All weekend, I heard the same two words repeated over and over from friends around the country: me too. I watched as my loved ones, family and colleagues raised their hands online to be counted as victims of sexual assault and harassment – a move, the viral message said, to show the world just how many of us there are.

McCain's Amnesia on Obama's Foreign Policy Failures

RealClearPolitics - 8 hours 56 min ago
Jack Hellner, American Thinker
Someone should tell Senator McCain he is about eight years late in giving his message on American leadership in a speech accepting the National Constitution Center's Liberty Medal.

Beware of the Bannon: Republican Senators Reap Whirlwind

RealClearPolitics - 8 hours 57 min ago
Ned Ryun, The Hill
Steve Bannon's power in 2018 lies almost exclusively in the fact that Republicans have failed to fulfill the campaign promise.

Democrats Need to Move Left

RealClearPolitics - 8 hours 57 min ago
Leonard Pitts, Richmond Times-Dispatch
I've been struggling with this question for a month.

Why Philanthropy Is Worth Defending in Tax Code

RealClearPolitics - 8 hours 58 min ago
Karl Zinsmeister, RealClearPolitics
Reduced charitable giving by middle-class families—on a scale of tens of billions of dollars—could be an unintended consequence of a Republican tax reform plan that reduces itemizing of deductions.

The Republican Party Is No Place for Honest Men

RealClearPolitics - 8 hours 59 min ago
Paul Krugman, New York Times
According to a new CBS News poll, almost 60 percent of the American public believes that the current Republican tax plan favors the wealthy. Some people see this number as a sign that the plan is in trouble; I see it as a sign that Republican lies are working far better than they deserve to.

Tax Reform Will Boost Workers & Business

RealClearPolitics - 9 hours 41 sec ago
Sec. Steve Mnuchin, Philadelphia Inquirer
If we get this right, tax reform will spur what the president has called a

Ulta Beauty shares downgraded on data showing spending declines among teens

MarketWatch Market Pulse - 9 hours 7 min ago

Ulta Beauty Inc. was downgraded to neutral from overweight at Piper Jaffray after findings from the firm's latest Teen Survey showed declines in spending on color cosmetics and skincare, as well as a trough in fragrance spending. The company's price target was slashed to $210 from $260. Ulta shares are down 1.7% in Wednesday trading. "[O]verall beauty wallet contracted low-double digits," analysts wrote in a Wednesday note. "While specialty is the primary share gainer within cosmetics, we did see broader signs of strength from Sephora--now the No. 1 preferred beauty format across upper and average-income females--unseating Ulta in average-income survey." Other popular names from the Teen Survey include Amazon.com Inc. , Adidas AG and Apple Inc. In addition to the survey results, Piper Jaffray analysts cite growing competition from Amazon, Sephora, as well as other up-and-comers in the beauty space, and moderating same-store sales for its downgrade. Ulta shares are down 23.2% for the last three months while the S&P 500 index is up 4.2% for the period.

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NFL will not insist that players stand for national anthem: commissioner

MarketWatch Market Pulse - 9 hours 14 min ago

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said Wednesday that the league's position remains that players should stand on the sideline during the pregame playing of the U.S.'s national anthem but will not revise its manual to require standing. In a televised New York news conference after a meeting with league owners, the commissioner suggested players directly involved in the protest of allegedly racially biased policing tactics and other forms of systemic racism now number less than 10. Goodell said the NFL is aware of fan and sponsor concerns over the protests, which typically have taken the form of kneeling in silence as the "Star-Spangled Banner" is played, but that players have intended no disrespect to the U.S. flag. He said it was not discussed at the league meeting whether individual teams could or should discipline protesting players. Asked whether he was concerned about polls showing those identifying as Republicans were turning against pro football, Goodell said the league did not intend to enter the political fray.

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Sessions refuses to discuss conversations with Trump on Russia

Reuters US Politics - 9 hours 24 min ago
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions refused on Wednesday to answer lawmakers' questions about his discussions with President Donald Trump on Russia and denied lying to Congress about his own contacts with Russians during the 2016 election campaign.

Sessions refuses to discuss conversations with Trump on Russia

Top Reuters News - 9 hours 24 min ago
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions refused on Wednesday to answer lawmakers' questions about his discussions with President Donald Trump on Russia and denied lying to Congress about his own contacts with Russians during the 2016 election campaign.

Nielsen shares gain more than 4% after company announces new Netflix ratings service

MarketWatch Market Pulse - 9 hours 29 min ago

Nielsen Holdings shares were up 4.4% during intraday trade on Wednesday after the data and analytics company said it is adding a service for its media clients that will give TV networks deeper insights into viewership on streaming platform Netflix Inc. . With Nielsen's new ratings service networks will know how many people watch their shows on Netflix and how many people are watching their rivals' shows. The industry has been clamoring for such insight into Netflix viewing, which the streamer notoriously keeps close to the vest. Eight networks, including Disney/ABC TV Group , NBCUniversal and Warner Bros. [s:TWX] have already signed up for the service. According to media reports, however, Netflix says the data Nielsen is reporting is not accurate and doesn't include streaming overseas, or on mobile devices. Shares of Nielsen are down less than 1% in the year to date, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average is up more than 16% and the S&P 500 index is up close to 15%.

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The mainstream media has begun targeting Trump’s sanity

LibertarianInstitute - 9 hours 30 min ago

This article originally appeared at Anti-Media. 


Punch “Trump impeachment” into the search engine of your preference right now, and you’ll get a screen packed with articles on the subject. Anyone who follows politics — or even just glances at the news from time to time — will understand that this possibility was inevitable.

It’s no secret that the mainstream media and their partners in the Washington establishment never wanted the former reality TV star in the Oval Office. And lately, the method by which they hope to remove him is becoming increasingly clear.

According to the current theme in the media, the U.S. president is out of his mind.

The assault on Trump’s sanity began last Sunday, October 8, with an interview Senator Bob Corker gave to the New York Times. That interview was given following a heated exchange just hours before between Corker and the president on Twitter. During that interaction, the senator lamented that under Trump, the White House has become an “adult day care center.”

Corker told the Times that as president, Trump behaves “like he’s doing ‘The Apprentice’ or something” and that the reckless manner in which he interacts with other world leaders is putting the United States on the “path to World War III.” The senator said Trump’s behavior should be concerning for all:

“He concerns me. He would have to concern anyone who cares about our nation.”

The next day, POLITICO, which spoke with “10 current and former administration officials, advisers, longtime business associates and others close to Trump,” ran an article detailing how the president must be “managed” in order to keep him from “going off the rails.”

Then, on Wednesday, NBC revealed that in a meeting back in July, Trump “surprised” his senior military advisors by requesting what amounted to a tenfold increase in the size of the U.S. nuclear arsenal. The point of the piece, as NBC didn’t attempt to hide, was to highlight the president’s inexperience with such matters and to demonstrate that his desires are often at odds with both his staff and common sense.

That same day, Vanity Fair published a piece by Gabriel Sherman, who spoke with a “half dozen prominent Republicans and Trump advisers.” Those individuals painted a picture of a president who is “unstable” and “unraveling” and “consumed by dark moods.” Sherman wrote that they described “a White House in crisis.”

Also on that Wednesday, the Washington Post ran a piece claiming that over the summer, Trump “threw a fit” over the fact that advisers like Secretary of State Rex Tillerson were trying to convince him that the Iran nuclear deal of 2015 was beneficial to the U.S. The president has since decertified that deal and kicked it to Congress.

That night, talk show host Stephen Colbert used his platform to ask, as Esquire wrote Thursday, “the right question.” Citing the Vanity Fair report that Trump was “unraveling,” Colbert said on his program: “That means up until now, he’s been raveled.”

The article from Esquire directly stated the message the mainstream media is currently trying to deliver to the public: “There is genuine concern that the president is not fit.”

It was part of a one-two punch from the outlet, which ran a piece on the same day titled “The Conversation About Trump’s Mental Health Is Finally Changing. But Is It Too Late?” That article focused on a new book, published October 3, called The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump.

The book, put together by a forensic psychiatrist from Yale University, is a collection of assessments from mental health professionals on the president’s sanity and mental stability. Unsurprisingly — and as Esquire points out — the consensus presented in the book is that Donald Trump, among other things, is a narcissist and quite possibly a sociopath.

On Friday, Newsweek published a blog post by Robert Reich, chancellor’s professor of public policy at the University of California, Berkeley. Reich, who claims to have spoken to an unnamed Washington insider, wrote that others on Capitol Hill are thinking of following Senator Corker’s play — namely, “sounding the alarm” about Trump’s mental state.

The following day, Salon ran an article that asked flatly in its title if Donald Trump is a sociopath. The author, Chauncey Devega, talked with one of the mental health professionals who contributed to new book on Trump. That psychiatrist, Dr. Lance Dodes, spoke of his field’s “duty to warn” the public about the president’s psychological instability.

Mainstream outlets continue to cite articles like these. For instance, on Monday, Salon republished the blog post from Robert Reich. These publications, either by hint or direct statement, point to the potentiality of Donald Trump’s impeachment.

Impeachment, however, is not the president’s only concern, as The New Yorker highlighted Monday. There is currently a movement by mental health professionals, in coordination with members of Congress, to remove Trump by way of the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

That amendment, as The New Yorker points out, gives “the Vice-President and a majority of the Cabinet — or, alternatively, a congressionally appointed body,” the authority to “determine that the President is ‘unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office’ and remove him.”

The likelihood of an actual Donald Trump impeachment remains anyone’s guess, as does his removal via the 25th Amendment. But as Jeannie Suk Gersen wrote for The New Yorker Monday, “it’s a real turning point” when mental health professionals are so willing to organize to oust a standing U.S. president.

The mainstream media has begun targeting Trump’s sanity was first posted on October 18, 2017 at 1:15 pm.