Thursday Morning’s Top Stories Before The Opening Bell – Mike Swanson (05/03/2018)

U.S. Lifts Debt Sales as Deficit Grows, Plans 2-Month Bills – Bloomberg

Mark Mobius ‘Un-Retires’: Plans New Fund After Biggest EM Bond Collapse In 23 Years – Zero Hedge

Tesla’s Record-Setting $710 Million Loss Sends Shares Tumbling – Fortune

‘Elon, you’ve got to grow up’: Analyst explains why Tesla chief left her ‘very frustrated’ – CNBC

The 5 weirdest things that happened on Elon Musk’s earnings call – CNN/MONEY

David Einhorn On Q1 Call – Gain On Tesla Short, Loss On Netflix One – Value Walk

Netflix (NFLX) Debt Traded 1% Reduced – Bangalore Weekly

Negative Equity, Veiled Value, and the Erosion of Price-to-Book – O’Shaughnessy Asset Management

Russia’s greatest Ponzi mastermind is dead, but his legacy lives on in the crypto world – Quartz

North Korea set to release US prisoners at summit – Financial Times

Cal Thomas: Trump needs to study up on North Korea’s history of duplicity before meeting with Kim Jong Un – Fox News

Beware of Bolton Undermining Korean Peace – Consortium News

Did Trump and the CIA Strike a Deal on the JFK Records? – Future of Freedom Foundation

White House adviser pitching Trump on a Kanye summit – Politico

David Beckham overwhelmed by birthday surprise from his son Brooklyn – Newshub

Cambridge Analytica Shuts Down All Offices Amid Ongoing Facebook Crisis –

Scott Horton Talks Somalia, Gary Webb and Israel/Iran – Libertarian Institute

Facebook is using your Instagram photos to train its image recognition AI – Tech Crunch

Spotify stock plunges after reporting earnings for the first time – CNBC

Apple CEO Tim Cook Is ‘Very Optimistic’ About US-China Relations – Forbes

How Trump Led the U.S. and China to the Brink of a Trade War – Bloomberg

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