This Declassified JFK Document Predicted Today’s Troubles – Mike Swanson (05/14/2018)

What you are looking at below is one of the JFK assassination files that has been recently declassified.

It’s a report by an FBI agent who infiltrated a meeting of JFK assassination researchers in 1973 and reported back to the FBI director what he found.

The whole document is 29 pages long and you can read it here:

One of the interesting observations he makes is about a speech given by the writer Norman Mailer.

The agent found Mailer’s talk compelling as you can see from his notes.

I want to just remark on the comment that “a nation which rejects its own history is on the path to a totalitarian regime.”

What Mailer was addressing is a problem that arises when the real truth seemingly becomes unknownable.

This had not yet become a real problem afflicting society when Mailer gave this talk.

But today it is, because we have leaders that are trying to make it so no one knows what is really happening.

This is creating something of the atmosphere of unreality that is seen in totalitarian regimes.

The biggest example is the topic of national security.

We have seen air strikes against Syria which appear to more theater than having any real military objective or generate political or strategic change and now a growing regional crisis as Trump withdrew from the Iranian nuclear deal.

Back in 2014 British film maker Adam Curtis did a segment called – “Nonlinear warfare – A new system of political control” showing leaders in Russia and even England are using methods of confusion to manage their societies. You can watch it here.

One critic of the current US President is Timothy Snyder who did a Youtube video about this topic.

He claims that national security issues are becoming entertainment where we are seeing things that aren’t really dire threats to the United States being hyped up as scary threats while real dangers are being ignored in order to control the masses by frightening them with crisis.

I put his video in a post here:

Timothy Snyder Asks Is National Security Becoming A Form Of Entertainment (05/10/2018)

This distortion of reality is the ultimate result of the act of keeping JFK assassination details secret.

It didn’t matter that much in the 1970’s, but now with decades of growing national malaise it is starting to and Donald Trump took advantage of it even during his election campaign.

Remember when he said that Ted Cruz’s father worked with Oswald?

It wasn’t true, but Trump didn’t care.

The solution to this uncertain environment is to think for yourself.

And do your own digging.

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-Mike Swanson

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