Watch What NFLX Does Tuesday For The Stock Market – Mike Swanson (04/16/2018)

Watch what NFLX does Tuesday for the stock market, because on Monday it is going to report earnings after the close.

Netflix has been the top performing stock in the Nasdaq 100 year to date and as you can see from this chart has been a huge momentum stock for years.

NFLX gapped and ran when it announced earnings in January and has done that several times in the past few years, but it is now becoming more important than it ever has been before, because many other popular fad momentum stocks have recently been blowing up and breaking down.

For example FB and TSLA have both done this in the past few weeks and I’m sure there are people that have been trading those stocks now chasing NFLX gains instead.

And often when the stock market runs into trouble you’ll see lots of stocks gap up on earnings and dump so what NFLX does Tuesday may become an important tell for the health of the stock market in general.

While the averages have been swinging up and down there are now sectors breaking away from the market to outpeform and some breaking down into bear markets of their own.

On Tuesday after the close I’m going to do a live stock market webinar to do a complete sector analysis for you.

To get on this webinar (or get the recording if you can’t make it live) just click here.


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