A Pro-Life Libertarian Looks At Foreign Policy – With Guest Gary Heavin – Ron Paul Institute (04/05/2018)

Our imperialist foreign policy is doing us nothing but harm. So says today’s Liberty Report guest Gary Heavin. And Heavin should know: he’s an extraordinarily successful international businessman and one of the most impactful philanthropists of our time. When Haiti was devastated by a hurricane, he fired up his own jets and personally went down to help. But he is no fan of the neocon foreign policy of bombs away on any country that does not heed Washington’s demands. And he is no fan of neocon meddling — which results in such idiocies as the creation of ISIS as a proxy army to depose Syrian president Assad. Join today’s very special episode with this incredibly clear-headed success story who has leveraged his good fortune to the betterment of others:

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