Carmine Savastano and the JFK Assassination – Midnight Writer News (04/26/2018)

CARMINE SAVASTANO joined S.T. Patrick of Midnight Writer News to discuss the JFK Assassination. Carmine Savastano addressed his entrance into the JFK assassination community, a 21-page CIA report on assassination procedures that he found in 2013, how these procedures potentially help build Lee Harvey Oswald as the patsy, the Thomas Casasin story, CIA and FBI interest in Oswald, Marina’s possible intel ties, the means and motives of Priscilla Johnson McMillan, whether or not Kennedy used the mob to try to kill Castro, Richard Cain, Mexico City, Michael & Ruth Paine, the LBJ angle, Allen Dulles – The Resigned or Fired controversy, how Dulles was chosen for the Warren Commission – and who chose him, and the very popular assassination story that Carmine believes is pure mythology. All this and more in an outstanding chat with Carmine Savastano!

Carmine Savastano can be read at His book, Two Princes and a King: A Concise Review of Three Political Assassinations, can be purchased on Amazon as well as other fine online booksellers.

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