Well, you wanted volatility didn’t You?- Stock Market update for the week – Mike Saul (02/12/2018)

And there goes the stock market! Well, at least last week. This week may very well be another story altogether. It’s Trump’s fault, right? Give me a break! I heard one side blame trump, and I heard the other side blame the Democrats for sabotaging Trump. How about the FACT the market was wayyyyyyy extended, and even though at one point, the S&P 50 was down 12 or whatever % (intra-day) from the highs, it’s still no big deal! But now we’re at the 200-day moving average with a nice candlestick reversal. do we confirm this week and rock and roll back to new highs? Yeah, slow down there… Also, what about Bitcoin? It’s been under some pressure, so is the king of the cryptocurrencies finally ready to bounce? Watch the video for all this, but a stock to watch on the long side this week. For more go to www.attackthemarkets.com.

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