Wednesday Morning Top Stories Before the Opening Bell – Mike Swanson (02/28/2018)

U.S. Stock ETFs Ride Waves of Inflows as Market Euphoria Returns – Bloomberg

Fed Chairman Powell: Market volatility won’t stop more rate hikes – CNBC

The Silver Bullet | A Fragile System: The Return of Volatility – Algebris

U.S. manufacturing, goods trade data point to slow first quarter growth – Reuters

Mueller team asks about Trump’s Russian business dealings as he weighed a run for president – CNN

Jared Kushner loses access to top-level security briefings – BBC News

Saudi Crown Prince expected to visit US March 19-22: source – Reuters

Roger Stone Corresponded Directly With WikiLeaks Despite Both Claiming Otherwise – Media Ite

Alleged Kremlin call girl begs for U.S. rescue from Thai jail – USA Today

Report: China Bans Letter ‘N’ From the Internet to Stop Xi Dissent – The Daily Beast

Apple is under fire for moving iCloud data to China – CNN

Papa John’s is ending its NFL sponsorship – KCCI

KFC struggles to give chicken away as store supply crisis continues – The Guardian

Barbra Streisand clones beloved dog to create new pups – ABC NET AU

How diet can affect mental health: the likely link between food and the brain – ABC News

Bill Gates Thinks Cryptocurrency Is Killing People ‘In a Fairly Direct Way’ – Gizmodo

Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO: Company will no longer sell assault-style rifles, nor sell guns to people under 21 – ABC News

Self-Proclaimed Bitcoin Inventor Accused of Swindling $5 Billion of Cryptocurrency – Bloomberg

Lowe’s earnings fall short of Wall Street expectations – CNBC

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