The Future of WallStreetWindow – Mike Swanson (02/02/2018)

As you may have noticed I have started to make changes to my website this year. There are some you can see and some you can’t, but more are to come.

Of course it looks a lot better now and is easier to navigate.

That was a big goal.

But there is another goal and that is to improve the quality of the content on it and it’s overall message.

One thing that is happening is that I’ve been upgrading my private and premium Power Investor members group to make it into an institutional level service. If you are not in that group you cannot see these big changes.

Those in it now are locked in at current prices in case the price goes up in the future for it.

But this post is not to get you to buy before the price goes up, because it is also off the market and closed to new members now.

I’m going to go back to how I ran it a few years ago and only open it up a few times a year. That way I don’t have to think about marketing it or trying to sell people on the free email list on joining it and can focus the time I would spend on that providing content for the members.

In the past I would not sell anything except that service a few times a year.

Now I’m not going to go all the way to that extreme. Instead I’m planning on selling courses and small reports that can educate people and get them in a position where they can become better investors and traders.

I have no interest in trying to get people to chase things going up which is what the masses crave and what so much of financial marketing is about.

Witness what has happened with Bitcoin last year and where it is now. I’m sure you saw the ads like buy $100 crypto make a million that I saw.

If you hype things up you can get a lot of people interested in buying, but then they blow up because they only get interested when they can chase.

I’m more interested in focusing on the people who are smarter than that and it’s fewer of them – but they are the ones that either have already made good money in the markets or are serious about learning how to do so.

The Bitcoin player IS NOT a serious person and never was.

And now he is in trouble, because Bitcoin is dying as the Bitcoin price cartel has lost control of the crypto market which is now going to decline in time to its real value.

I don’t want to be around Bitcoin gamblers.

We all choose to be around who we are around.

And I like smart people and people who are ready to learn or win and share good ideas.

To do that I got to put out good information that attracts smart people and makes them want to see what I have next to say.

And so that’s what I’m going to do.

In this market this year I think that is going to be more important than ever.

Things are fine now.

But gold is looking like a good opportunity that most will miss! Other things are developing too.

And we got to be on guard for the day this market tops out for real.

The Bitcoin player is incapable of catching any of those trends and so are most attracted to the Bitcoin milllions type of ads that were so big last year.

Watch they’re all going to vanish now! The promise of a Bitcoin million is turning into a cruel joke.

I won’t, because I’m in this for the long-run. Been doing this since 1999 and am not going away! This is going to be a fun year.

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