The DOW May Be Ok Now, But Some Stocks Are Lining Up To Dump – Mike Swanson (02/20/2018)

Yes just the other week we saw the DOW fall 1,000 points in a day and the VIX go to 40, but last week we had a strong rebound and now all fears among the masses are gone. They have gone back to sleep, but some stocks are starting to make individual warning signs.

I wrote about my take on the real reason the stock market dropped already two weeks ago so I’m not going to repeat that.

And I don’t really think much is going to happen with the stock market this week even though the US dollar is now in a bear market.

But some stocks are looking shaky and are lining up on the technical analysis charts to dump in a few weeks.

In this video I show five such stocks as examples of what to look for in danger stocks.

Like this video so that I know that you are there.

It’s important to look at your holdings every so often to see if they should still be held or sold from a stock trading perspective.

This video was posted on Youtube this Sunday.

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