Wayyy extended, but is it a sell signal? – Mike Saul (01/15/2018)

Mike “Tiny” Saul of www.attackthemarkets.com, writes, “the stock market is on a tear for 2018. If you’re long already, it’s a good, no scratch that, great thing. If you aren’t, do you feel confident in buying here? I don’t. No, it’s not Bear Market time. But we are extended and can use a nice pullback or pause in order to get on board. The stock market is mean-reverting, and has been since it’s inception. This tells us when we get extended from a key set of moving averages, we should expect a move back to them. Maybe the market’s changed, but I highly doubt it. The next pullback should open up yet another opportunity for a buy decision. In the meantime? Well, you can find out by watching the video.”

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