Thursday’s Breaking News Stories Before the Opening Bell – Mike Swanson (01/25/2018)

Southwest Airlines tops earnings estimates as tax bill provides windfall – Market Watch

Trump Team at Davos Backs Weaker Dollar, Sharpens Trade War Talk – Bloomberg

In Davos, Trump looks to sell ‘America First’ to global elite – NBC News

Mnuchin: illicit activity is top concern on crypto currencies – Reuters

2 Federal Agencies Send Teams to Probe Tesla Freeway Crash – US News & World Report

Why is the US stock market so high – and is it justified? – Robert Shiller

Trump says he’s ‘looking forward’ to meeting Mueller’s team in Russia probe – Politico

Trump And Erdogan Talk, But There’s Disagreement Over What Was Said – NPR

Trump constantly interrupts Theresa May in phone calls: report – The Hill

Turkey’s Attack on Kurds Tops US Concerns in Syria, Even as ISIS Keeps Fighting – Defense One

Round Ups, Checkpoints and National ID Cards – Future of Freedom of Foundation

Rumsfeld ‘snowflakes’ reveal former DoD head’s thoughts on 9/11, punctuality and ‘Izlam’ – Defense News

Chinese Scientists Have Successfully Cloned Monkeys – The Atlantic

No more free checking for Bank of America customers with low balances – Charlotte WSOC

Net neutrality movement finds a fast-food friend in Burger King – The Star Online

Twitter investors unnerved by Anthony Noto exit – CBS News

Sirius XM Pays Dividend And Boosts Share Buybacks – Seeking Alpha

3M stock jumps on strong Q4, better outlook, dividend hike – Market Watch

Dalio Says Bonds Face Biggest Bear Market in Almost 40 Years – Bloomberg


Gold Is In the Process of Breaking Out and No One Cares – Mike Swanson

Yesterday gold rallied and so did silver and the
mining stocks, but no one cares. I talked about this gold move on the
close with Jim Goddard on the show he does for The reason
why no one cares…

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